To hair salon owners, managers and stylists:

Your expensive styling shears are your most vital tool.  You touch them every day all day and they really become a part of you. They are primary to your livelihood and to expressing yourself creatively.  When it's time to have them sharpened and serviced you cannot and should not put them in the hands of anyone who is not properly equipped, trained and fully appreciative of their monetary and personal value.

Being mindful of this, I have invested a great deal of time, money and learning energy to obtain the equipment, training and experience necessary to be worthy of your trust.

I submit to you the following qualifications:

I am equipped with the industry leading stylist shears sharpening system.

I am manufacturer certified in the use of Kuda torsional edge technology.

I have trained at the hands of a NSSG Master sharpener.

My goal is to make your work more healthy, comfortable, profitable, and fun by restoring your shears to optimum performance and providing you affordable access to the best tools in your trade.

As an introductory offer I will:

  • Do one free sharpening per salon to demonstrate my skill and earn your confidence.
  • Do custom fittings of your current shears with sizer-rings in your choice of colors, free of charge for all stylists in the salon.
  • Allow the entire staff to try any shear in my display inventory.
  • Inspect and service your shears to their optimum potential.
  • Loan you a high end shear to use while I work on yours.  (I perform the work at your location in my van)
  • Guarantee my work.

(I have a 10 day call back policy for sharpening.)

  • Warrantee my products.  Any shear you buy from me is waranteed for life against defects in manufacture or materials.  Additionally, I will personally warrant a shear purchased from me for a period of one year from date of purchase for accidental damage as a result of normal use, such as a dropped or nicked tool.  (Tools which have been obviously abused or sharpened incorrectly by another sharpener are not covered by this warranty).
  • Make top quality shears affordable through discounted prices or by way of payment plans tailored to your budget.

Thank you again for your attention.  I look forward to making your tools a pleasure to use and your clients even happier with your work.

Art Downing

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