Stylist Shears

I am proud to announce that I am now an authorized distributor for the high quality stylist shear brands listed below. Here are some pictures of a few of the models available. I will provide a full color catalogue of the entire portfolio at the time of my first visit to your salon.

An Offer to Hair Salon Owners, Managers and Stylists             Read My Article, "Do My Shears need Sharpening or Service?

Photo: Stylist Shears ShisatoPhoto: Stylist Shears Shisato 2
Photo: Stylist Shears Shisato 3Photo: Stylist Shears Shisato 4

Photo: Stylist Shears Yasaka 1Photo: Stylist Shears Yasaka 2

Kansai Sets
Photo: Stylist Shears Kansai Sets

Photo: Stylist Shears Mirage 1Photo: Stylist Shears Mirage 2
Photo: Stylist Shears Mirage 3Photo: Stylist Shears Mirage 4

Photo: Stylist Shears Debut 1Photo: Stylist Shears Debut 2
Photo: Stylist Shears Debut 3Photo: Stylist Shears Debut 4

Photo: Stylist Shears Dynasty 1Photo: Stylist Shears Dynasty 2
Photo: Stylist Shears Dynasty 3Photo: Stylist Shears Dynasty 4

BlueRibbon Grooming Shears
Photo: Stylist Shears Blue Ribbon Grooming Shears 1Photo: Stylist Shears Blue Ribbon Grooming Shears 2

True lefties are available in most models, including the swivel thumb versions. Most swivel models can be upgraded to double swivels for a small fee.

Photo: Stylist Shears for Lefties 1Photo: Stylist Shears for Lefties 2

Prices range from $100 to $650 but all are 25% or more below discounted internet retail.

All shears have a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture.

Call or email me for a price quote or to invite me to your salon for a hands-on presentation.  
You can try out your choice of scissors from my demo inventory.  
I will do a free custom fitting of your current scissors with complimentary finger sizers in your choice of colors.
I will also perform a free sharpening/reconditioning of one of your shears to demonstrate my skill. 
I guarantee my work.
  [Click here for more details about my stylist shears sharpening services]